The Government Inspector (16+)

Nikolai Gogol
a comedy
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Set design and costumes Marijus Jacovskis
Music score Andrej Zubryč
Translation Maryja Puškina
Assistant director Dźmitryj Ciško
Premiere – January 27, 2018
Forthcoming shows
  • 22
The life of an ordinary little town is stirred up by the rumours that a mysterious Government Inspector will soon come from the capital to interfere into local affairs. Nervous officials are frantically trying to hide the evidence of their crimes and misuse. The Governor drills the local authorities and subordinate officials; the Charity Commissioner is busy with throwing patients out of the infirmary; the Inspector of Schools improves school performance reports through sheer force of his will; the Judge is obsessed with hiding embezzlement, blatant misuse of power, and bribes at his department. Will these swindlers escape their fate?