The Voiceless (14+)

Aleś Adamovič
a drama in one act
Director Alaksandr Harcujeŭ
Set design Barys Hierłavan
Costumes Alona Ihruša
Composer Aleh Hadoska
Stage adaptation Alena Kalunova, Alaksandr Harcujeŭ
Plastic movement Jaŭhienija Kulbačnaja
German language assistant Valancina Koršuk
Premiere – April 29th, 2010
Duration – 120 min
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Wartime forces people to choose between life and conscience. Polina, a Belarusian girl, saves Franz, a Wehrmacht soldier, from death passing him off as her mute brother. In tears and ruins a precious love is born; and it seems to be the only thing than helps people survive in such inhuman conditions.

Winner of the First National Theatre Prize in five nominations (2011);
Grand Prix of the XI Slavic Theatre Meetings International Festival, awards for best scenography (Barys Hierłavan) and for best acting duo (Alaksandr Kazeła and Valancina Harcujeva) (May 2013).
The play is performed in Belarusian. Simultanious translation in English or Russian may also be available. Check What's On for the language of translation available at the performance. The service is chargeable. You may pay for it before the show.