Love as Militarism (16+)

Petr Gladilin
a comedy
Director Dzmitryj Ciško
Set design and costumes Lidzija Małašanka, Kryścina Pieržukova
Music Pavieł Zacharanka
Art director Mikałaj Pinihin
Translation Maryna Kazłoŭskaja
Premiere – May 30th, 2016
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Love As Militarism is a story of never-ending confrontation between members of a family. Family relations, the closest relations possible, are turning into a fierce "military campaign" right before the eyes of the protagonist, and her family life becomes a real battlefield where combat aircrafts, tanks, submarines, and battleships are speaking instead of men and women. The play tries to use the language of comedy to answer the question "Why people, who were created to love, can't live in peace?"