Matches (14+)

Kanstancin Sciešyk
a drama
Director Taćciana Laryna
Set design and costumes Kaciaryna Šymanovič
Video content Arciemij Kalinin
Music Eryk Arloŭ-Šymkus, Dźmitryj Jesianievič, Michail Zuj
Translation Maryja Puškina
Premiere – September 5, 2017
Tolia, the protagonist, tries to sort out the past and find his place in the present life while bringing up his daughter whom he likes to tell magic parables about woods, wolves, and fire. The plot is full of unexpected, spontaneous yet organic turns. Fragments of everyday reality form a magic vision of human existence. The play uses a light, ironic language which is in keeping with the language of the modern generation to remind how fragile human life is.