King Lear (16+)

William Shakespeare
a tragedy
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Set design and costumes Kaciaryna Šymanovič
Music Andrej Zubryč
Translation from English Jurka Haŭruk
Poster Uładzimir Ceśler
Premiere – 26 December 2019
Duration – 170 min with an intermission
Having brought up three daughters, British king Lear makes a grand gesture. The tired sovereign splits his domain among them and gives away his crown hoping to live his last years in love. Yet his heirs decide otherwise. The new generation takes power rejecting the old king, their own father. Now he is an exile wandering in an open field with nothing left but vague recollections of his former grandeur. The eerie picture of human meanness and greed unfolds before his eyes.

The Shakespeare's play is a universal story which contains more questions than answers. The Belarusian audience will face these questions formulated by Jurka Haŭruk, the renown translator of Shakespeare's plays.

Self-assurance, longing for sympathy, guilt, resentment, and the edge of madness. Is man no more than this?