En souvenir de Chagall (12+)

a wordless performance
Director and Choreographer Sergey Zemlyanskiy
Libretto Andrey Shchetkin
Stage design and costumes Maxim Obrezkov
Composer Pavel Akimkin
Lighting Aleksandr Sivaev
Video art Siarhiej Ryłko, Ihar Sakałoŭski
Premiere – May 29th, 2020
Duration – 120 min with an intermission
The long-awaited production reimagines three ages of Marc Chagall's life, his only love, Bella, and his only passion, painting. Snatched from the blaze of the Vitebsk fire, he carried the flame of his home town through all his life. Sergey Zemlyanskiy, the director and choreographer of the production, invites the audience to remember the life of the great painter with bated breath through the wordless biopic where metaphors step out of beautiful paintings to turn into steps of a dance, and all the world outside of the touch of the two lovers disappears. Here, the flame-coloured Rooster takes the lovers to the frantic dance and the Goat gentles them down, playing a sweet lullaby on her violin. To this music, Marc and Bella, forever in love, rise above the earth and soar into the sky forever. The production is a free interpretation of the life and works of Marc Chagall.