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Hangmen (16+)

Martin McDonagh
a black comedy
Director Vital Kraŭčanka
Set design Barys Hierłavan
Costumes Valancina Praŭdzina
Musical design Pavieł Zacharanka
Poster Kaciaryna Simanovič
Lighting design Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Premiere – January 15, 2019
Duration – 145 min
Forthcoming shows
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  • 30
1965, Northern England. Each night Harry Wade, a hangman and a local celebrity, serves beer to the frequenters of his small pub. He has never been the best hangmen in the United Kingdom, but number two sounds fine as well, all the more as he does not really need to be number one to think he is better than all the others. How will his life change now, though, after the capital punishment has been abolished? It may be a good opportunity to calculate the final number of hanged men, reconsider the priorities, and start living a quiet life of an ordinary pub owner. However, what if miscarriages of justice start reminding about themselves, his teen daughter disappears, and a menacing visitor makes unambiguous hints that he knows about her disappearance more than he should? 

The plot, based on real events, twists and curls in the best traditions of black comedy when there is but a step from gallows humor to the gallows itself.