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In Belarusian

Pan Tadeusz (16+)

Adam Mickiewicz
a noble story in two acts
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Stage adaptation Siarhej Kavaloŭ
Set design Zinovi Marholin
Costumes Alona Ihruša
Music score Andrej Zubryč
Choreography teacher Maryna Fiłatava
Light design Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Video mapping Visual Vibes Group
Premiere – January 15th, 2014
Duration – 160 min
Forthcoming shows
  • 26
  • 24
The play is staged after the iconic Romantic poem by Adam Mickiewicz. It tells a story of love, chivalrous pride, and the old noble way of life. Pan Tadeusz is also called a nostalgic hymn of praise to the land which shared the fate of Atlantis; it is accentuated by the monumental sets designed by Zinovi Marholin. The scene of the poem is Navahrudak district, historical Lithuania, which the author addresses to in the first lines of the poem. The historical background provided by Pan Tadeusz will let the audience touch the Belarusian past.