Paŭlinka (12+)

Janka Kupała
scenes from gentry routine in two acts
Director Leŭ Litvinaŭ
Set design Barys Małkin
Composer Jaŭhien Cikocki
Premiere – May 23rd, 1943
Duration – 120 min
Forthcoming shows
  • 15
  • 20
It could be the first performance to be included into a theatre records book if there were any: no other production in the world has been played on the same stage for 70 years. It is a visiting card of the theatre, which opens each new season. The secret of its success is the combination of an interesting plot, vivid characters, folk songs and dances, and masterly acting performances. The story about a girl who chose her fiancé in spite of her father’s wish is reach in national flavour and humour. Paŭlinka is a legend of the Belarusian theatre. Every minute of it makes Belarusian culture closer to the audience.

The play is performed in Belarusian. A simultanious translation into English or Russian may also be available. Check What's On for the language of translation available at the performance. The service is chargeable. You may pay for it before the show.