People of the Marsh (14+)

Ivan Mielež
a Paleśsie chronicle in two acts
Director Alaksandr Harcujeŭ
Set design and costumes Ihar Anisienka
Composer Dzmitry Fryha
Stage adaptation Alaksandr Harcujeŭ
Premiere – March 16th, 2012
Duration – 165 minutes
Forthcoming shows
  • 29
People of the Marsh by Ivan Mielež are considered to be a national Belarusian epic. Dwellers of a small village work day by day in pursuit of happiness, dreaming of bright future, new life, and real love. The story is focused on the love triangle of Vasil, Hanna, and Jaŭchim. Vasil, an orphan brought up in poverty, wants to be an independent man standing on his own feet; Jaŭchim, a son of an industrious father, has everything since his childhood and looks for nothing but his own pleasure. Both of them fall for Hanna, a local beauty, who would have to make a hard choice.