The Seagull (16+)

Anton Chekhov
a comedy
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Set design and costumes Marijus Jacovskis
Translation Maryna Kazłoŭskaja
Composer Andrej Zubryč
Video content Siarhiej Tarasiuk
Light designer Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Premiere – March 20th, 2015
Duration – 180 min
Simultaneous translation in English
The Seagull is a play which every director dreams to stage one day. This rendition of the famous story about people who are desperately trying to find love and escape the dullness of their lives combines melancholic beauty of Chekhov's text with splendid set design and video content to bring the iconic play closer to the modern audience.

The play is performed in Belarusian. Simultaneous English translation may also be available at the performances marked with the special sign in the bill. Please, check in advance if translation is provided at the show you would like to visit.