Weltmeister Accordion (16+)

Mark Merman
a dramatic concert
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Costumes Alona Ihruša
Arrangements of songs Uładzimir Kurjan
Video content Siarhiej Tarasiuk
Premiere – May 7th, 2015
Duration – 75 min
The show is a sequence of songs composed by our compatriot Mark Merman and arranged by Uładzimir Kurjan. Together they evoke the first half of XX century, the epoch that unfolded tragically and ended drastically, and people and events that embodied these tumultuous times: Lili Marleen and Lyubov Orlova, Solomon Mikhoels and Winston Churchill, the battle of El-Alamein and the Foreign Legion. It is a story about the irreversible nature of time and how hard it is to catch up with it.

The songs are originally written and performed in Russian.