Nobleman Zawalnia, or Belarus in Fantastic Stories (12+)

Director Alena Hanum
Stage adaptation Siarhiej Kavaloŭ
Stage design and costumes Kaciaryna Šymanovič, Siarhiej Ašucha
Composer Viktar Kiścień
Light designer Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Choreographer Volha Skvarcova
Premiere – July 8, 2019
Duration – 110 min
This production is a stage adaptation of the iconic book by Jan Barščeŭski (alternate spelling: Jan Barszczewski). Sorcery and legends, history and the present merge on the shores of the magical lake Nieščarda, where Jan, a nephew of the nobleman Zawalnia, comes back to from Saint-Petersburg. Right after his return the graduate of the Polack Jesuit College suddenly finds himself in the thick of things, fighting for his love, losing his friends, defending his homeland in the midst of the conflict of the hidden and real worlds.