Tolerance. Original title "God of Carnage" (16+)

Yasmina Reza
a comedy after the play God of Carnage
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Set design Rusłan Vaškievič
Costumes Alona Ihruša
Video content Siarhiej Tarasiuk
Music Pavieł Zacharanka
Lighting design Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Translation Uładzimir Lankievič
Premiere – April 27, 2018
Duration – 95 min
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Two married couples are chatting in a room about a routine situation. What can possibly go wrong? As it happens, everything: what Tolerance conceals is God of Carnage looking for an opportunity to devolve a civilized conversation into self-exposing chaos. 

The new production after a well-known play by Yasmina Reza whose ART has already been successfully running at the Main Stage for a number of seasons, is essentially a discussion of a conflict between two kids which becomes increasingly absurd and brutal enough to arouse and reveal the meanest instincts hidden inside of the seemingly tolerant, bourgeois protagonists.