Two Souls (16+)

Maksim Harecki
scenes in two acts
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Set design and costumes Barys Hierłavan
Composer Andrej Zubryč
Choreographer Natalla Karčeŭskaja
Stage adaptation Uładzisłaŭ Achromienka, Maksim Klimkovič
Video content Siarhiej Tarasiuk
Premiere – April 26th, 2016
Duration – 150 min
Simultaneous translation in English

Two Souls is the first stage adaptation of the same-titled classic novel by Maksim Harecki. Peasant and landlord boys who had been interchanged in their cradles, political villains, girls in love, activists of the Belarusian Revival; all of them are trapped into the relentless turmoil of World War I, bloody dissolution of the Russian Empire, and early years of the Soviet Union. Two Souls is the story of an internal conflict of Ihnat Abdzirałovič, a Belarusian intellectual who is able to reflect on the complicated nature of the age and his role in it, to strive for ”the clarity of view on things ever unclear”.

The play is performed in Belarusian. Simultaneous English or Russian translation may also be available at the performances marked with the special sign in the bill. Please, check in advance if translation is provided at the show you would like to visit and the language of translation available at the show.