The Harvest (16+)

Pavieł Pražko
a comedy
Director Dźmitryj Ciško
Set design Andrej Žyhur
Selection of songs Dźmitryj Ciško
Lighting Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Translation Maryna Kazłoŭskaja
Poster Kaciaryna Simanovič
Premiere – January 24, 2019
Duration – 80 min
Can you hummer in a nail and don't hurt yourself? If you can, you don't feature in this play. Who does, then? Four young people who have found themselves in a rather unfamiliar situation, in an orchard full of ripe apples. They have a seemingly easy task to collect them and put into wooden boxes. And that is how everything starts going awry because any apple in the orchard may be too hard to bite, every bee too stingy to touch and a bout of asthma can start at any moment. The play is a distorting mirror where each spectator can see something all too familiar and have a good laugh about it.