Radio Prudok (16+)

Andruś Horvat
a journal
Director Raman Padalaka
Set design and costumes Kaciaryna Šymanovič
Stage adaptation Raman Padalaka, Michail Zuj
Score 'pilip', Dźmitryj Jesianievič, Michail Zuj, Vital Kuleŭski
Sound design Juryj Bačkaroŭ
Lighting design Mikałaj Surkoŭ
Premiere – May 16, 2018
Duration – 100 min
Radio Prudok is a real story of a former theatre janitor which has now become a wonderful production performed on the stage of this very theatre.

Andruś Horvat was a journalist who abandoned this occupation first to become a theatre janitor and then to leave Minsk altogether and come back to his home village to renovate the house of his grandfather. At first, he wrote about his experiences on his Facebook page. Then these vivid and witty notes became a best-selling book. Now the book has become a theatre production which encompassed and transformed this story to present a warm and heartfelt meditation on what it means to seek for your own place in this world and finally find it.
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