Šabany (16+)

Alhierd Bacharevič
a story
Director Alena Hanum
Set design and costumes Alaksandr Kamianiec
Stage adaptation Alena Hanum
Plastic movements Maryna Fiłatava, Alena Hanum
Artistic director of the production Mikałaj Pinihin
Music Pavieł Zacharanka
Premiere – December 29th, 2015
Duration – 80 min

Šabany is a stage adaption of the same-titled novel by Alhierd Bacharevič, a modern Belarusian novelist. It is a story of a young writer who has returned home after years spent in Germany; it is also the story of a perplexed young woman named Safija whose husband has suddenly disappeared; and a story of Šabany, one of Minsk urban districts. All this stories merge into one, tackling the issues of home, emigration, and return.