First (+16)

Director Raman Padalaka
Dramatization Raman Padalaka, Michaś Zuj
Sets Taćciana Dzivakova
Music Andrej Papkoŭ
Musical design Juraś Bačkaroŭ
Premiere – 8 January 2020
Duration – 75 min
Childhood is a world of wonders and mysteries. Our first perceptions create an unseen mould where we live all our life. Every day of childhood was special. Every detail could turn into something extremely important and sacrosanct.

We all are used to sharing our personal stories with our friends and families. The production team decided to collect these stories and re-tell them on stage. First love, first friendship, first disillusion, first betrayal... We will tell our spectators the stories of the girls and boys we all once used to be.

It's the first time the Janka Kupała Theatre will turn to verbatim. The stage adaptation is based on stories submitted by all comers.