96th Season Preview

25 august
96th Season Preview
The Janka Kupała National Theatre is entering the new, 96th season. What will it bring?


Our theatre will celebrate its 96th anniversary. It was founded on September 14, 1920, when the Belarusian State Theatre was opened at 7 Engels Street in Minsk.

"We are going to stage a festive show in two acts on September 14", says Mikałaj Pinihin, the artistic director of the theatre. "We will perform The Sphynx by Octave Feuillet in the first act, as it was the first play to be staged in our building in 1890. In the second act, we will recall legendary performances that are no longer on - Tribunal, The Remembering Prayer, Harold and Maud, The Locals, and other plays."


The Chamber stage will be opened at the start of this season. It is situated on the third floor of the theatre, so spectators can come there through the staff entrance.

"We are going to stage there small-scale performances which do not require a lot of props", Mikałaj Pinihin explains. "The auditorium seats 90 spectators. The Chamber Stage should become the venue for young directors, dramatic experiments. The Old-fashioned Comedy and Händel & Bach have already been transferred there. Since September, rehearsals of Šabany, directed by Aliena Hanum after the same-titled novel by Alhierd Bacharevič, will be held there, as well as Antigone by Jean Anouilh, directed by Mikałaj Kapulcevič.


The first premiere to be staged on the Main stage is ART by Yasmina Reza, directed by Mikałaj Pinihin. The opening night is scheduled for November. Rehearsals will be held in September. The cast includes Arciom Barodzič, Aleh Harbuz, Alaksandr Kazeła, Pavieł Charłančuk-Južakoŭ, Siarhiej Čub, Michaił Zuj. Then the company will perform a stage adaptation of Two Souls by Maksim Harecki. The opening night is scheduled for April.


On September 19, Paŭlinka will close out the programme of the XX Belaya Vezha International Theatre Festival in Brest which will start on September 11. This time the programme of the festival will consist of performances of all theatres which have won the Grand Prix. The company of the Janka Kupała National Theatre were the first one to win it in 1995 for Idyl by Mikałaj Pinihin after Peasant Girl by Vincent Dunin-Marcinkievič. Later the company performed there Vitaut, Belarus in Fantastic Tales, Chichikov, Symon the Musician, Macbeth, and The Wedding.


On October 12th and 13th, the Janka Kupała National Theatre will host the Beijing People's Art Theatre. It was they who hosted our company during the China tour in spring 2014. The performance of our Chinese colleagues will be held during the Days of Culture of the People's Republic of China in Belarus.


The Seagull will fly over the stage of the Moscow Russian Academic Youth Theatre on November 24th. Thus it will continue the exchange tour of leading theatre venues of Russia and Belarus, which started last year with House of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre performed at the Janka Kupała Theatre.