Radio Prudok: Premiere!

01 june
Radio Prudok: Premiere!
On May 16 and 17, Radio Prudok, a stage adaptation of the same-titled journal by Andruś Horvat, was premiered at the Chamber stage of the Janka Kupała Theatre. It is a story of Andruś Horvat, a former journalist and the theatre janitor, who abandoned Minsk to go to the "space" of his home village to renovate the house of his grandfather and find his own place in the world. The production was directed by Raman Padalaka.

This is the first stage adaptation of the best-selling book, though previously in December 2017 Raman Padalaka collaborated with Michaił Zuj, another actor of the theatre, to direct a short film Jahor based on a story from the journal. Later he won the explication contest organised by the Ministry of Culture and started working over the theatre production.

The cast involves only three actors, Śviatlana Anikiej, Michail Zuj, and Dźmitryj Jesianievič, who play six parts during the show. The set design and costumes were designed by Kaciaryna Šymanovič.

"It is always hard to direct a production based on a book, and it is twice harder to direct a production after a book written in the way Radio Prudok was composed. But as our experience demonstrates, nothing is impossible when you have a desire, inspiration, and the backing of people who share your ideas. It was very interesting for me to watch the book transforming into a performance. I hope that even those who have already read Radio Prudok will find something new in the production because there's more than one way to travel across the planet Prudok and our production is but one of them', said Raman Padalaka.

The production was staged with the support of velcom and the Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.

Tickets are available on our website and in the theatre box offices.