11 april 2020
Our dear spectators! Because of the recommendations of the epidemiological services we have postponed the performances that were to be performed at our theatre from 12 to 25 April inclusive.

10 april 2020
We did it! Our Sewing department has recently started producing non-medical safe masks for the 10th Minsk City Clinical Hospital. We have raised about 2300 BR for the 'Non-Theatre Mask' project in just three days!
07 april 2020
The Janka Kupała National Theatre starts a new social project 'Non-Theatre Mask' on the production of non-medical safe masks. The Sewing department has already manufactured 500 face masks and is currently sewing more. They all will be passed to the ...
01 april 2020
Dear spectators, we regret to inform you that the shows scheduled for the following dates are now cancelled: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 April 2020.
25 march 2020
It is the first time the Janka Kupała National Academic Theatre starts the project “The Week of the Kupała Theatre Online.” The streaming schedule: You will be able to find the links to online streams and videos on and...
24 march 2020
On 27 March, World Theatre Day, the Janka Kupała National Academic Theatre will present its iconic Paŭlinka around the globe for the first time. The worldwide stream will be carried out by the video service VOKA which will show live the most popular...
11 march 2020
We regret to announce that the premiere of En Souvenir de Chagall, the upcoming production directed by Sergey Zemlyanskiy, has been postponed. The opening night is now scheduled for 29 and 31 May.

02 march 2020
The story of life and work of one of the most famous painters of the XX century, a native of Belarus, Marc Chagall, will be presented at the Janka Kupała National Theatre. 
28 february 2020
Our theatre is happy to announce that Alaksandr Padabied was awarded today the title of the People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

11 december 2019
The Belarusian Republican Scientific and Methodological Council on matters of historical and cultural heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus has cast their votes unanonimously in favour of the request of the Janka Kupała...
06 december 2019
In December 2019, the Janka Kupala Theatre visited Paris once again to maintain the glorious tradition of touring to the French capital. The oldest theatre of Belarus has already presented there the classical works of Belarusian literature (Pan Tadeusz...
03 december 2019
The organizers of Vienna Ball with А1 in Kupalauski, which is scheduled on December 14, 2019, and should have been conducted in Yanka Kupala National Theatre, are informing about the new format of the event.
02 december 2019
On 29 November the first issue of the Kupalauski Magazine was presented at Hotel Europe. During the press breakfast General Director of the Janka Kupała National Academic Theatre Pavel Latushka unveiled new projects which the theatre was going to realize...
03 september 2019
Today, on 3d of September, the Janka Kupala National Academic Theatre has started its 100th season!

03 june 2019
Radio Prudok will go on the 10-day Paleśsie Chronicles tour in July 2019. The theatre company will perform the production in four cities in Brest and Homiel regions.

16 may 2019
The Janka Kupala Theatre is happy to announce that a new production will be premiered in the first week of July, "Nobleman Zawalnia, or Belarus in Fantastic Stories" after the same-titled book of stories by Jan Barščeŭski.

06 march 2019
The newly appointed general director met the theatre staff on March 6.

16 november 2018
From December 14 to December 18, the Janka Kupała Theatre will host XII International Festival Saint Petersburg Theatre Season. Minsk spectators will watch five productions directed by leading Russian directors at various Saint Petersburg theatres. ...
01 november 2018
This September the theatre opened its 99th season with the premiere of A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespear, directed by a Saint Petersburg director Andrei Prikotenko. Yet it is not everything we are going to present you during the following...
10 september 2018
On September 7 a new production was premiered at the Janka Kupała Theatre, A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. It was directed by a Russian director Andrei Prikotenko.

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