• 23
    july | Su , 19.00
    Main Stage
    Two Souls  (16+)
    Two Souls (16+)
    Maksim Harecki scenes in two acts

    Director Mikałaj Pinihin
    Set designer Barys Hierłavan
  • 24
    july | Mo , 19.00
    Main Stage
    The Voiceless  (14+)
    The Voiceless (14+)
    Аleś Adamovič
    a drama in one act

    Director Аlaksandr Harcujeŭ
    Set designer Barys Hierłavan
  • 25
    july | Tu , 19.00
    Chamber Stage
    Love as Militarism (16+)
    Love as Militarism (16+)
    Petr Gladilin
    a comedy

    director Dzmitryj Ciško
    set design Lidzija Małašanka, Kryscina Pieržukova
  • 25
    july | Tu , 19.00
    Main Stage
    ART  (16+)
    ART (16+)
    Yasmina Reza
    a comedy in one act

    Director Mikałaj Pinihin
    Set designer Alaksandr Arłoŭ


  • 26
    july | We , 19.00
    Main Stage
    Pan Tadeusz  (16+)
    Pan Tadeusz (16+)
    Adam Mickiewicz
    a two-act noble story
    Director Мikałaj Pinihin
    Set designer Zinovij Marholin
  • 27
    july | Th , 19.00
    Main Stage
    The Black Lady of Niaśviž  (14+)
    The Black Lady of Niaśviž (14+)
    Аlaksiej Dudaraŭ 
    a mystic love legend in one act
    Director Valeryj Rajeŭski
    Set designer Barys Hierłavan
  • 28
    july | Fr , 19.00
    Main Stage
    Paŭlinka  (12+)
    Paŭlinka (12+)
    Janka Kupala
    scenes from gentry life in two acts
    Director Leŭ Litvinaŭ
    Set designer Barys Małkin
  • 29 june
    Jeweller's Jubilee: Premiere!
    On June 27 and 28 the Janka Kupała National Theatre presented the premiere, Jeweller's Jubilee after the play Maurice's Jubilee by Nichola McAuliffe. The new production is directed by Alaksandr Harcujeŭ.

  • 14 june
    Jeweller's Jubilee: Upcoming Premiere
    In a few weeks, on June 27 and 28, the Janka Kupała National Theatre will present a new production, Jeweller's Jubilee after the play Maurice's Jubilee by Nichola McAuliffe.

On Tour

  • The Office, Astana
    June 23, 2017
    The Office was performed at the 1st World Theatre Festival "Astana".

A national drama theatre is a great value for each country. It speaks to the audience in the language of its own nation, expresses thoughts and feelings of the nation through its literature. I hope the Janka Kupała National Academic Theatre will correspond to the soul of the nation as much as possible, support traditions, and discover new Belarusian writers, so that to make dreams of our geniuses Kupała, Kołas, Bahdanovič come true about independent, free, educated Belarus.

Мікалай Пінігін
Mikałaj Pinihin
Artistic director of the theatre
The Janka Kupała National Theatre is the oldest professional theatre in Belarus, the main dramatic venue of the country.
It was founded in September 1920 on the initiative of Fłaryjan Ždanovič, its first artistic director. For many years the Janka Kupała Theatre has been successfully retaining outstanding achievements of the national theatre art, combining traditional values with continuous artistic quest and creative experiments. The repertoire includes about 25 performances of different genres and forms after plays by national classics and modern authors. For this reason theatre actively collaborates with best playwrights, artists, and directors.

The photo: Belarusian State Theatre company, 1924.
Ticket information
+375 (17) 327-17-17+375 (17) 327-17-17
Theatre box office is open from 10 am to 8 pm
7 Engels st, Mіnsk, 220030, Republic of Belarus