Uršula Radzivił’s Theatre (16+)

Franciška Uršula Radzivił
a harlequinade from the town of Niaśviž
Director Mikałaj Pinihin
Stage adaptation Siarhiej Kavaloŭ
Composer Andrej Zubryč
Set design and costumes Volha Mackievič
Ballet master Natalla Furman
Translation Natalla Rusieckaja
Premiere – April 22, 2011
Duration – 120 min
This production transfers the audience to the court theatre of Franciška Uršula Radzivił, where performances after her plays were performed in the 18th century. It is an exquisite reconstruction of noble amusements at Niaśviž palace. The performance consists of a grand ballet, a comedy, and an opera. These pieces are united into a single show by witty riddles and presents of Harlequin.

Winner of the Second National Theatre Prize in two nominations (2012)